Terms & Agreements Page


A non-refundable deposit is required, to hold a pet. should the pet, have any pre-existing medical condition as determined by a health examination by a licensed veterinarian, within one week of pick up or delivery, then the buyer is entitled to have deposit refunded.

Information Provided By Breeder

the breeder, will provide as much information on the pet. including, litter no. sire and dam's name, registration numbers, sex, date of birth, and color. breeder will also provide information regarding the feed the pet is currently consuming. the breeder will also a booster and de-wormer to be given between 6-8 weeks. the breeder will also adise that the pet, be taken to the veterinarian for an initial exam, within one week of puppy physicl transfer. 

Rights of the Breeder

the breeder has the right to refund the deposit of the pet if the buyer is unfit to own a pet at breeder's discretion.

Rights of the Buyer

Should the pet have any preexisting medical condition revealed by a vet within one week from transfer, a refund in the full amount will be given to the buyer. a written notice from a license vet is required, describing condition that existed prior to transfer. a health certificate can be requested by the buyer for an additional $100 which should be paid at time of deposit.

Purchase Terms

All pets come with a limited registration. all pets must be spayed or neutered. if negligence is found on buyer there is a $10,000 fine and $1000 for each bred offspring. if you would like full registration for your pet an additional fee applies speak to management.